Edyn’s Energy

The moment I learned how to shift my perception of exercise is the moment my fitness life changed. If you are anything like me, the idea of working out was a tedious task. The notion of waking up muscles that have been peacefully laying dormant, knowing that the results would be overwhelming soreness, is something I avoided at all costs. The sweating, panting, physical exertion, the self judgement, and a rudimentary schedule; was more than I wanted to face. I wholeheartedly detested working out, until Ms. Edyn Jacks!
edyn jacks move1
One day, I don’t know if it was one of her Youtube videos or a snap but she made a statement about fitness and a light went on for me!! In a nutshell, she said, “when you see exercise as something that is just good for you and your body, you take the negative connotation away.” When you can see working out not as a daunting task but as something that is simply good to you and for you, the disdain for it disappears. When you take away the weight loss aspect of exercise and just move your body because you want to, you will fall in love with being active. I promise the moment I heard those words, I was ignited to get moving.

edyn jacks move3

I no longer look at exercise as something to do to change my plus size body. Will I lose weight as a result of exercising, absolutely but when you focus on simply enjoying the movements of your body in whatever form of working out you chose, it becomes a pleasurable and even spiritual experience. When you tune out the world and go within, you connect with self on an entirely new level. For me, I get up early in the morning and take my dogs for a walk. The stillness that is present in the early morning is engulfing. In that moment, I am keenly aware of God and all the beautiful nature that surrounds me. When there are no cars moving and people are just rising from their sleep, I get out there with my dogs and I move my body, my heart rate accelerates, I am sweating, I am panting, but most importantly; I am doing something good for my body, simply because it is good for me.

edyn phlow2

Recently, I have been exploring Qigong Yoga. This form of yoga was recommended to me by my life coach because I am struggling with some hip bursitis at the moment. What I like about this type of yoga is it’s easiness. It is a lot of stretching and breathing, which I find very calming. I have learned from my soul twin, Ms. Edyn Jacks that fitness and being fit looks different on every body but everybody can get active and be active because it is good for the body, mind, and soul.

edyn jacks move

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