The Powerful Princess

MEKA PHLOWShameka Scott(Princess) is a Georgia native, a mother, a student, and an educator; who has taken her passion for teaching and empowering others from the classroom to the community.  Because she had a sincere desire to see empowering relationships among women in their 30s, she founded an organization to meet the need. In addition to wanting to create a sisterhood, she wanted to form a service organization that could be of service to other women in Metro Atlanta communities. Because of her passion to bring women together and form a SISTERHOOD that promotes giving back to the community, understanding the daily struggles of women, and breaking the stereotype that women can’t get along; Pink P.E.A.R.L.S was founded.
pearl board1
Are you Wondering what the acronym P.E.A.R.L.S means?

Passionate Empowering Ambitious Rare Ladies of Society.
pearl board3
The organization promotes empowerment among ALL women! It’s an organization that takes pride in themselves and reaching out to others. The PEARLS are persistent in their goals, they persevere through struggles, and have the faith and patience needed to achieve their collective vision. Their dependence on God gives them the ability and capacity to achieve the inevitable and do it with a peace that encompasses them and helps them serve others with empathy, compassion, and love. 

pearl board1

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