Curvy Model Mela

phlow mela4


Sharmela Barr-Vaughn has shattered the barriers that kept plus size women from being represented in the fashion and modeling industry. Known as Curvy Model Mela, she has been modeling professionally for three years, working with designers in various cities and has walked in fashions shows for several brands. Sharmela’s modeling career began when she became a model for Glamour Coated Melons, an Ohio based company that creates freestyle hand designed bras. She has made it her personal mission to be a visible representative for the plus size community. Tired of seeing the way the media disregards plus size people, Sharmela is a trailblazer paving the way for others, encouraging them to find their confidence and self-love.


Like many women, Sharmela is that 1 in 10 who has PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). While she is no stranger to the discouraging impacts that PCOS can have on a woman’s life, she is using the weight aspect to fuel her desire to see Plus Size women represented in the fashion world.

phlow mela2

She is showing other women who have gained weight or are plus size due to PCOS how to own it and own it well. No, she doesn’t advocate being unhealthy, her message to women and girls is to “love yourself as you are where you are.”  Sharmela is a wife and mother, that’s right, she didn’t let PCOS steal her dreams of having a family; this woman is a true game changer!  You can find her slaying and serving on Instagram @CurvyModelMela

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