Endometriosis Awareness Month


Allow me to explain Endometriosis and WHY we NEED your support.

Currently, as many as 176 million women are suffering due to ENDOMETRIOSIS. There are girls as YOUNG as 8 YEARS OLD have to ENDOMETRIOSIS. Endometriosis causes so many complications from infertility to debilitating pain. The number of women who have taken their own lives because they couldn’t take Endometriosis anymore is rising. The number of TRULY qualified, informed, invested, and compassionate doctors are difficult to find. It is known that the pain of Endometriosis is horrific and consuming for some, yet when we seek help, we are labeled as drug seekers or addicts.


As I type this post, my one remaining ovary is screaming. As of today, I am one week Post-op for Vaginismus, oh yeah, Endometriosis always brings friends. In 4 days, despite not being fully healed, I will have a Transvaginal Ultrasound to look at the progression of Endometriosis that has invaded my ovary. When I return to the O.R. in 3 weeks, I will go in with an ovary and possibly come out with no ovary, honestly i dont want it to be saved. Two years ago, I have a Hysterectomy because Adenomyosis had turned my uterus into a barren wasteland, cause Endometriosis always brings friends. Currently, I have a Hemorrhagic Cyst and Endometrioma in my ovary, this bish gotta go. Unfortunately, taking the ovary increases my chances of heart disease but hell I am willing to roll those dice.

Endometriosis entered my life on 08/02/2000, I wasn’t diagnosed until December 2006, I am considered one of the lucky ones diagnosis can take up to 8 years.

Endometriosis helped to destroy my fertility.
Endometriosis has destroyed relationships
Endometriosis has ended friendships
Endometriosis has interfered with my sex life
Endometriosis stole my career


Endometriosis has made me one of the strongest women I know
Endometriosis has made me a powerful advocate for women and girls
Endometriosis has given me a passion that fuels my entire being
Endometriosis has given me a sisterhood that I cherish deeply
Endometriosis has made me a RESILIENT B##CH!

If you love ME, start a conversation about Endometriosis. Share a pic, post a stat, help us turn THE INTERNET


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