She’s So Polished

chrysI have been watching my new nail tech’s Instagram page for quiet some time, a specific picture to be exact. I reached out to her in February and told her I would definitely be sitting in her chair in March. What had me so enthralled with her work was the way she shaped Coffin Nails. I am particular about my nails and their form. I need coffin shaped nails that are not bulky. My nails represent me so I need something smooth but edgy and Chrys has it down to a science. I have had a lot of nail techs in my life but this one gets me. I went into my appointment expecting to get in a little me time and get my nails slayed but I got so much more.

Her salon is the most intimate salon I have ever been to. It is small, calming, and inviting. There is no room for drama and unnecessary chatter that leads to conflicts like other salons. No, at She’s So Polished you get one on one attention and service. It just so happened that I got to be her only client in my time slot, we talked, laughed, cried, yes cried, and had an amazing time. She pour into my soul with words of wisdom that I needed about making myself a priority and she helped me find even more solace with the passing of my sister. I went to her for nails but I left with so much more, God loves me.


Lets talk about service. As I said, I am no stranger to getting my nails done; when I arrived before she did anything, she had me wash and sanitize my hands. I have never had a nail tech do this before, after that I was sold, she became my nail tech. The education that I got about getting my nails serviced was mind-blowing. From why she has the type of chair that she does to why she prefers that her clients don’t scroll on their phones, she schooled me. However, because I am an anxious person and I carry a lot of my stress in my hands, she allowed me to scroll on my phone to keep my hands relaxed. Honestly, doing my nails can be like a wrestling match but she had no trouble and if she needed me to relax, she gently moved my finger and said, “relax.” This woman is AMAZING!  Once my nails were done and I was feeling my whole entire self, she had me go back to the sink to wash and sanitize again, then she had me put lotion on my hand. I have never had a nail tech who provided such detailed care and service. When my service was done, she reminded me to be gentle with myself and gave me the fingernail file that she used. I was confused, she said, “I don’t use the same file twice. Once I use it on a client, it belongs to them.” Listen,  she stole my whole heart. My appointment ended with a life-giving hug and a firm was established bond.


When I left her salon not only was I more than pleased with the shape of my nails, my soul felt fed and healed. Chrys is breaking the stereotype that paints salons as drama filled spaces laced with negativity. She’s So Polished is a sanctuary of beauty that makes you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. I am so glad, I get to sit in her chair and call her MY nail tech.


Find her on Instagram at shes_so_polished to see her work and make your appointment.

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