These Four Plus Size Fashion Influencers Are Shattering Stereotypes And Taking Fashion To The Next Level

Instagram can be a very interesting space, it can be quite overwhelming. We are bombarded with images of women who are deemed to be the standard of beauty and style. The challenge arises because the majority of us can’t relate to the chosen icons, they look nothing like us. Thanks to The Body Positivity Movement and the prevalence of plus size women becoming visible in the fashion industry, size inclusivity is now a reality. Women with full hips and thick thighs are the norm and it is quite exquisite to witness it. Unfortunately, the biases that have always complicated the relationship between women, their bodies, and fashion are still alive. Yes, having a plus-size body is more welcomed now but only a certain type of plus-size body is showcased. Brands like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing proudly use plus size women as fashion ambassadors as long as they have full hips, a flat stomach, with a round behind. This type of marketing continues to be problematic and exclusionary for the women who don’t have the coveted hourglass figure. Despite the need for a major improvement in the way fashion is marketed to plus size women, we are not without examples of real women who are visible and leading by example. These women are destroying barriers, challenging body-shaming marketing tactics, calling brands out for their continued malicious practices of misrepresentation, and empowering all plus size women to embrace their bodies proudly and fashionably; I am here for it. There are numerous plus size women that I follow on Instagram but these four are the ones who’s style, confidence, and message speak volumes to me.


Arrie says, “I want women to embrace their style and individuality, to be confident, fierce, and bold in fashion.” What drew me to Arrie was her creative energy, it is magnetic. Her style is unique and the items that she offers is the substance that exclusiveness breeds. The color, bling, and exuberance of the items you find at Arrie’s Picks are magical. You aren’t going to see every other woman wearing the same items or carrying the same bag when you shop with Arrie her glam factor is high and her pieces never disappoint. There’s no shortage of glitz at Arrie’s Picks!

SheRea DelSol

In the early days, she was known on Youtube as MyThriftedCloset. SheRea was a college student living on a budget but her style was not limited. She taught her viewers how to shop thrift stores, find hidden gems, and make them speak their personal style language. I don’t think she knew how trailblazing she would become, thrift shopping isn’t the easiest thing to do as a plus-size woman, yet she taught thousands how to navigate the aisles and come out looking marvelous. Today, she continues to showcase affordable plus size fashion from various brands, giving honest reviews. In addition to fashion hauls, her natural hair videos are still a staple on her channel, not to mention her travel vlogs that will have you ready to hop on a plane and go wandering. SheRea’s love for herself, her heritage, and others is evident in all of her creations.

Super Size My Style

Bryndaisha Bryd is a plus-size style icon! I want to live in her closet! I scroll through her Instagram feed a couple of times a week and I am always mesmerized. If there is a vibe to plus-size style, she is it! The artistic way she couples patterns, colors, and textures to build outfits is nothing short of phenomenal. Not only is her fashion sense visually captivating, her message of self-love as a black woman is empowering, but you can also feel her confidence and standards radiating from her designs. She is definitely doing it for the culture in flawless fashion. You can shop with her on her site Super Size My Style Closet, she has Ankara pants, skirts, statement print dresses, and much more. 

Daquana White

I don’t know if I can adequately convey the power that is Daquana. She’s an educated young black woman who is easily a trendsetting trailblazer in plus size fashion, not only is she doing it for the gram in impeccable form, she is the brains behind her entire operation. From Youtube to home decor and all your style needs in between, she is the go-to for many. The love for Daquana is real! Her brand Thrifty Slay offers bundles and wigs. Daquana White’s Ambiance(dw’s AMBIANCE) is her branch of interior design that’s easily becoming a firm in its own right. Her ability to bring colors and concepts to together to furnish her home, including sketching her own wall art is astonishing. In the field of plus size fashion, her keen eye and talent for being able to see beyond what others see in clothes make her a plus size fashion visionary. There’s nothing shy about her confidence in herself, her comfort in her body, nor her capacity to own all of who she is without hesitation. Daquana is the role model and voice that young girls and women of color need. She was recently featured by Fenty for her work with SavagexFenty’s lingerie for plus size women. She is one to watch, don’t blink, you might miss something!

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