Her Kitchen

There are so many stories that I want to share about my grandmother, when I think about her and the memories come flooding in, I am reminded of all that she taught me and just how profoundly she impacted my life. My grandmother was a homemaker who nurtured us obsessively, her life revolved around her family, specifically her children and grandchildren. Because her childhood was tainted by her mother’s rejection of her, she wanted to make sure that her children knew that they were loved and wanted, always. A major way that she loved on us was with food, my grandmother was a cook like no other. If you took a poll of my family about my grandmother, everyone would talk about their favorite meal and how she cooked feasts fit for royalty

There’s no place like home

Food was a love language that my grandmother spoke fluently and she was understood by all that crossed her path. I want to share with you the lessons that she taught me about life as she instructed me on how to prepare some of her signature dishes. When I think about food, my favorite dishes from home, I am reminded of being in the kitchen with her stirring a pot and acquiring life lessons and skills that still carry me through life to this day. In addition to sharing her recipes with you and maybe a few of her culinary secrets, I will tell you how she single-handedly snatched boys from gangs, helped drug dealers find their integrity and compassion for others, and how she planted multiple gardens so that she could provide families in our neighborhoods with fresh vegetables; she fed the masses. I have never known another being like my beloved grandmother, she was truly one of a kind, I am honored to be her granddaughter and I am humbled to be apart of her legacy.