The Sisterhood

When I see women who are doing outstanding things but not getting the support owho-you-arer recognition that they deserve, it saddens me. While I totally believe that when a woman finds her tribe, everything she needs will become available. I understand the hurt of being everybody’s cheerleader when very few or no one is rooting for you.  When one of my friends, family members, or whomever accomplishes goals, starts a  business, or just lives boldly in her purpose, I make sure to congratulate her and beam with pride. If I can be that one person who lets someone know that they are seen and appreciated then sign me up, for this reason, I created this space to be a sanctuary of sisterhood.

This  is a directory of outstanding women doing outstanding things. From service organizations to nail techs and everything in between; you can find it here. Some of the women featured will just be highlighted for her works and others may have an establishment that provides good/services, this is the go to place for phenomenal women doing sensational things.

Every woman featured  is someone who I have personal knowledge of or have used their services. I hope this space  serves you well and helps to foster a sisterhood and connection among women♥