Live Authentically

Before she emerged from the sacred sanctuary of her mother’s womb, her life was planned. Who she was going to become was already decided. The plan for her life carefully crafted ensuring that the dreams withheld or stolen from the women who came before would become a reality through her. Very little thought given about her choices, not even considering that she may choose to travel a path undiscovered. Why should she be any different, after all, this is how it is done. From conception, they envisioned what she would look like, her wedding day, the day she would become a mother, and even the God she would serve, it was all decided and her input wasn’t wanted nor required.

Since the biblical days, women have been esteemed as the lesser of the two, the helper, the one who serves, nurtures, and supports the masses. She births nations and the leaders of those nations rise up and seek to sanction her rights, her voice, and even her body, as if she is incapable of making her own decisions. Having to fight for what is given to men freely without question, women have and continue to live in a world that is male dominated. With pay inequality, abortion bans, sexual injustice and discrimination, society is slowly turning it’s biggest ally into an enemy. We live in an age of advancement with technology at our fingertips, life moves at a pace that our ancestors would detest. Women are standing up and saying enough is enough by taking positions of government holding seats of lawmakers and authority. We are responsible for movements that heal, and we stand in spiritual places that were once only afforded to men, yet we are still fighting for our rights and our right to live on our terms. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

The baby girl that I spoke of is me. I was born into a female-dominated family with my grandmother at the head. I was loved, provided for, protected, and given everything my heart desired, except individuality. There were certain unspoken guidelines that my family operated within, while I was never told that I couldn’t be whatever or whomever I wanted to be, it was understood that when it came to love, living and God, the path that I was to travel was already chosen. If you weren’t married, you stayed at home, church every Sunday, children should be seen and not heard, and obedience was definitely better than sacrifice. While these standards provided me a life that gave me structure, morals, traditions that I adore, and values that have saved me from being a statistic; I never explored life on my terms. This is the narrative for many women and the reason, live authentically has become my motto for life. I want to encourage and teach girls and young women how to live happily in their individuality. Women aren’t feeble and incapable of being competent enough to choose how to move through life. We aren’t objects to be used nor animals to be controlled, we’re divine creations of an all-knowing God, without the woman the world would cease to be. It is time that we are heard, seen, paid and respected for who we are not who we are told to be. No longer are we slaves to the decisions of men who have no clue about living as a woman, we are the trailblazing pioneers who are changing the norms of today, to ensure that the little girls coming behind us will be empowered to live authentically!